Open innovation from online communities

Harness customer ideas for innovation

Sometimes the best innovations are built on tiny sparks of insight. But where can you find a fresh, new perspective to provide these sparks?

Welcome to the world of customer-led innovation. By using our social media software to build your own online community, you will have direct access to the thoughts, ideas and informed comments of your customers. Properly nurtured and managed, they can be used to create a constant stream of innovation for your business.

Open innovation

Not only will your online community help generate ideas for your business, it will also help test them. You can watch your customers comment on and discuss the suggestions that come forward. This is open innovation.

In this way, your community can aid research and development by tailoring products to the needs of your customers at an early stage. This moves away from traditional customer-focused innovation (where you do your best to figure out what the customer wants) to a new form of customer-led innovation and collaborative co-creation.

Find out how Vitabiotics, the UK's leading women's health supplement company, is using its online community,, to drive innovation.