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How to pick a social media agency

A social media agency’s main function is to manage and maintain the online campaigns of a business across the complete social media portfolio.

With the rise and rise of the social media agency, how do you ensure you pick the best fit for your brand?

We've come up with our top 5 questions to help you assess whether or not a specific social media agency is right for you.

1. What is your approach to using social media?

Each social media agency will have a different approach to using social media.


As a social media agency that prides itself on its clear and honest approach to social media, we don't like jargon. But sometimes it's hard not to use words that the rest of our industry uses. Hopefully this glossary will help you understand more about social media terminology:

What is social media?

What is social media?

As a social media agency, it's our job to help our clients understand exactly what social media is.

To us, the basic definition of social media is:

Social media is people having conversations online. These conversations

can take a variety of forms; for example, blogs and comments or photo sharing.