Our in-house team will help you use social media in a way that aligns with the strategic goals of your business. Our services include social media strategy, social media monitoring, social media management and technical development and consultation.

Social media strategy

Online reputation management is the process of listening and responding to how your brand is perceived across all types of online media. 

Online reputation management is also about identifying and managing potential criticism or negative comments before they evolve into problems that damage brand reputation.

Our online reputation management process involves proactively listening to, researching and analysing online conversations about your brand. Knowing at all times what people are saying about your products or services gives you the power to decide if, and how to respond or join conversations, helping you take charge of your brand's reputation.

We'll also create a response and reaction plan to help you assess risk and how best to mitigate against it.

We can also develop crisis communication plans and ensure that the correct escalation processes are in place, helping to avert problems before they get out of control.


FreshNetworks were invaluable in helping us identify exactly what social media could achieve for us.Their strategic approach helped us improve communication with our audience and enabled us to show the public that we do more than just make paper maps.

Senior Communications & PR Officer,
Ordnance Survey