Our in-house team will help you use social media in a way that aligns with the strategic goals of your business. Our services include social media strategy, social media monitoring, social media management and technical development and consultation.

Technical consultation

With a deep knowledge about the wide range of social media tools and technologies available in the market place, our consultants have a rigorous understanding of what it takes to deploy these technologies at an enterprise level and scale.

We continuously research and prototype new and existing technologies, keeping us ahead of new developments in the digital and social space. 

Having worked with a range of global brands, our consultants have built up considerable experience in supporting the audit, design, integration and deployment of social technologies within large organisations. With a heavy focus on user experience (UX), we will architect creative, yet pragmatic, bespoke solutions that deliver on your strategic business objectives.

From identifying the right mobile app or online community platform for your business, to embedding social media tools into your existing web or ecommerce sites, we will determine the right technical solution for your strategic needs.

With a vast network of tried and tested solution providers, we're not tied to any particular platform or tool. As such, our approach is completely impartial and is based solely on the best fit for your business.


FreshNetworks were invaluable in helping us identify exactly what social media could achieve for us.Their strategic approach helped us improve communication with our audience and enabled us to show the public that we do more than just make paper maps.

Senior Communications & PR Officer,
Ordnance Survey