Our in-house team will help you use social media in a way that aligns with the strategic goals of your business. Our services include social media strategy, social media monitoring, social media management and technical development and consultation.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is not just about picking the right tools; it’s also about analysing the data to give valuable insights that are easy to understand and implement.

When it comes to social media monitoring (or buzz tracking as it’s also known) we’re not limited to using one tool and will give you an unbiased view of the right tool for your needs. By using different social media monitoring tools we can present you with clean, accurate data. And instead of giving you a dashboard of results, we'll report and interpret the findings from our social media monitoring activities to help you make informed business decisions.

We also help our clients use social media monitoring to identify online influencers. Influencers provide information and insights that are trusted and held in high regard. They are either sought out by their audience because of the messages they broadcast or because they can be heard above the chatter of the crowd. If engaged in the right way, influencers can help develop advocacy, spread word-of-mouth and drive sales.

Social media monitoring can help your business in two ways:

1. Social media audit
Need to work out how to start engaging in social media? Want to assess if your current social media activity has any value? Our one-off social media audit will establish what's already being said about your organisation, brand or sector online, as well as that of your competitors. Our social media audit will also assess the value of your current social media activity.

2. Ongoing social media monitoring

We help businesses listen to relevant online conversations over a period of time and to learn from them.Social media monitoring is also an effective way of examining both your prospective and existing customer base, as well as that of your competitors, helping you work out what they're interested in quickly and efficiently.


The social media audit has given us a broad and rich overview of conversations relating to our brand in the social media space.We really enjoyed reading it and found the results very useful. Thank you too for the debrief sessions

Customer Insight Manager,