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We helped high street fashion retailer Topshop create and implement a social media campaign called "Wish You Were At Topshop" in order to engage with customers both on and offline, generate new content and increase brand recognition and reach. 


We helped Topshop create and implement a digital campaign called ‘Wish You Were At Topshop.’

After receiving a free styling and make-up session, shoppers were invited to create a digital ‘Wish You Were At Topshop’ postcard using photo sharing app Instagram. Customers were photographed using an iPad2, selecting an Instagram filter of their choice to change the effect of the picture.

Once the photo had been taken customers were given a copy of the postcard to take home, as well as being able to upload it onto Facebook and the Topshop gallery.

The campaign ran for 11 days in multiple locations including London, New York, Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester.

Key results

  • "Wish You Were At Topshop" generated significant PR - it was covered both offline and online in titles including Mashable, The Drum magazine, and Time Out.
  • 640 blogs covered the “Wish You Were At Topshop” campaign, giving a reach of 1.3 million.
  • Topshop’s Facebook page views and unique views increased as a direct result of the campaign and “Wish You Were At Topshop” generated an extra 5.3 million views on Facebook, as well as over 2,000 comments. The campaign also helped to generate a year's worth of activity on Topshop’s Facebook account in just 4 days. 
  • Total reach for the campaign exceeded 7.5 million.
  • The campaign also helped to generate new, shareable content for Topshop. As a result, Topshop became the #1 fashion retailer for content creation on Instagram.
  • Topshop was the first in the industry to work with Instagram in this way.
Countries / Economic regions 

So new & different - I loved it. Customers were phoning in friends to come and try it for themselves too. It really helped to create a great community spirit with store staff helping to take photos.  

Liverpool Store Manager