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Jimmy Choo


We're helping Jimmy Choo use social media to engage current and prospective customers in order to increase sales for the luxury brand.


We’ve helped Jimmy Choo use social media in a way that combines long-term engagement with strategic campaign based activity.

The campaigns we’ve developed for Jimmy Choo, including“The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt”, a real-time treasure hunt around London using Foursquare, and “Project PEP”, a photo-based online community built to launch a limited edition collection, have all been used alongside a Jimmy Choo branded Facebook page.

Facebook is used as a way of reabsorbing people who've engaged with Jimmy Choo, through the campaigns we’ve managed, once the “buzz” has dropped off.

The page is created and managed by our in-house social media mangagement and their outreach activities have helped to maintain high engagement levels with the brand. As well as containing unique content and information about Jimmy Choo, Facebook is used to support smaller product launches, providing a space for people to discuss both the positive (and sometimes negative) aspects about new collections, helping Jimmy Choo learn more about their customers.

Most recently we’ve launched “Choo Connection” - a section of Jimmy Choo's ecommerce site that collates images, news, stories and comments from across the social web. The site also lets people post their own videos, share quirky anecdotes or upload images of their memorable Choo moments.

Key results

  • The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt increased sales from the trainer collection by 33% and increased online positive sentiment about the new range by 40%.
  • Project PEP, an online community based around a photo competition, had 20 times the ROI of other forms of advertising for the limited edition charitable collection.
  • “Choo Connection” has helped increase time on the main ecommerce site by 20% and basket value was dramatically higher for people that engaged with Choo Connection in comparison to those that didn’t.
  • Jimmy Choo’s Facebook page has more than 650,000 members - 50% of which are active on at least a monthly basis.
Countries / Economic regions 

We have been pleased at how FreshNetworks has increased the level of interaction with our brand and with trainer sales in-store increasing as a direct result of the campaign.

Jimmy Choo