Social media software for online communities

Our purpose-built social media software will help you achieve real, measurable results with social media.

Our social media software has been specially developed to support the social media tools and modules to help you develop a thriving online community. Whether you want to test a new product, get customer feedback, or improve customer loyalty, our unique platform has 140 different modules to suit your needs.

Our social media software also contains in-built reporting tools to track key performance indicators for your online commmunity, helping you measure return on investment (ROI).

We also give you the option to make your online community public (open to all) or closed (invitation-only).

Take a tour of our social media software

We’re very proud of our social media software, and we’d love you to take a look at it. By clicking on the links below you can learn about some of the basic functionality:

Member Profiles

Our social media software allows each member to create a personal profile. A profile allows each user to post their basic information so that others within the online social network can learn more about them. This information works well for you as it means you can easily collect basic data on your membership base – it’s a quick and cost-effective way to better understand your customers and the world they live in.


We've created social media software to help you implement and develop a blog quickly and effectively. Blogs allow users to record their experiences on the web – a bit like an online diary that everyone can read. We find them particularly useful when you want your members to discuss a specific experience with your product or a particular aspect of your brand. In a more general sense, blogging offers real insight into your clients’ lives in a simple, accessible format.


Forums are the basis of many great communities. They provide a place where members can discuss and share any topic they choose. Using our unique social media software, forums can deliver customer support, as well as being a great place for you to get rich detail and information about your customers and products – your very own online research community.

Ratings & Reviews

The ratings and reviews functionality contained within our social media software platform enables customers to post their opinions about a product or service online. They can take various formats, from 5-star-scale ratings to in-depth personal reviews. The ratings and reviews section can be integrated with your e-commerce site to allow reviews of your products or services to be easily shared.

Ratings and reviews raise the visibility of your product and help increase your conversion rate. 90% of online consumers trust opinions posted online from 'people like them'. In this way, ratings and reviews drive sales, generate brand advocacy and improve search results.


When it comes to online surveys, our social media software is top-notch. Forget box-ticking and text-heavy questions. Instead, we create exciting, engaging surveys filled with colours and pictures. Our software achieves all this, while also collecting detailed insight and data on your users.

And once your survey is complete, we have powerful tools for reporting the results. Easily exportable, easily broken down, easily shareable with others.

  • Many question types – images, single, multi, grids
  • Question functionalities - Randomisation, forced responses, min/max number of answers, etc.
  • Conditional routing
  • Pre-defined response lists
  • Many deployment options – link, pop-ups, email link, iframe, password-protected etc.

Media Sharing

Our social media software gives users the ability to upload images, audio files and even video content. This increases engagement within the online community by adding rich content to the site, and really brings your web pages to life through vibrant user-generated content.

News Feeds

Our social media software lets you choose any section of the site (from a favourite blog to a specific user) to set up an automated feed of new content from that area. This means that you can stay up-to-date with the activity in your favourite area of the community. This can be set up as an email update or an RSS feed, highlighting the speed with which you can gather information through social network analysis.

Idea Generation

We know how important it is to encourage your community to come up with great ideas for your company, so we created a tool to help foster great thinking. This is a tried and tested idea generation technique, which produces great results.

Our social media software makes it easy for your online community (or group) to submit, discuss and vote on ideas. Collective idea generation means that good ideas, which may have gone unnoticed, naturally rise to the top. This helps your business uncover brilliance that could have significant commercial benefits.

  • Share and collaborate on ideas
  • Idea feedback – indicate to members what you’ve decided to do with an idea
  • File attachments – bring ideas to life by attaching images, videos and design files
  • Notifications – notify members on updates or additions to idea streams


Online communities encourage members to connect and chat in groups. With our social media software, members can create and/or join groups, or you can assign sub-communities for certain members. This functionality helps sort members by specific shared interests, leading to greater member involvement and discussion, greater brand engagement and a better quality and quantity of output. It also helps you to gather relevant content by subject.


Messages are like internal community email. Our social media software allows you and your members to share thoughts, news and events with each other, you keep your online community fresh and dynamic. This functionality is also great for community building as it keeps your members coming back to the site by encouraging them to communicate through it. And in return, they get to chat with like-minded people.


We recognise the importance of reporting, which is why it’s one of the most powerful areas of our social media software. We deliver two types of report: web analytics and research reporting. For the former, our platform is integrated with Google Analytics and Woopra to provide you with data and statistics on the progress and vibrancy of your community. We can also create high level overviews or detailed individual user analysis so you’ll be able to see how users move through your community, and who’s visiting your site when.

Our research reporting, on the other hand, focuses on the insight and innovation that your online community is producing. Here we tell you what people are talking about and detail the ideas that your members are producing. You can even set it up to send automated progress updates to your key stakeholders.


We know how important online community management is. So we’ve worked hard to make sure that ours is just about perfect.

We know how much admin you have to deal with on a daily basis, so we’ve built our social media software to be easy, efficient and super-low-maintenance.Our platform comes with an array of features to support efficient online community management, including swear filters, access rules, configurable moderation systems and spam protection.Moderation is via a back end that is specifically designed to absorb community expansion with minimal increase in administration. This means you can continue to grow your online community without worrying about increasing internal workload.

On the other hand, if you’d rather avoid hands-on moderation, we can do it for you. Our highly experienced community managers provide a best-practice community management service to ensure that your online community delivers 100% of your goals.

Widget creation

Widgets allow you to interweave your content through other sites, and they are great for extending the reach and visibility of your communities to other social networks and relevant communities. This helps to improve natural search, raises brand awareness and drives traffic back to your site.

You can create customised, branded widgets with our social media software. Widgets can be created in Facebook, Google Gadget and iFrame formats for embedding on any website.

The techie stuff

Even though we're a social media agency we love our techie stuff too, which is why we created our own social media software.

Our social media software has been developed on an open-source platform called Drupal. This helps us bring you the benefits of open-source, with the security and peace-of-mind of a proprietary platform from an established software business.

We used an open-source code base because it means that in addition to our own software team, we have a virtual tech team of thousands who are constantly improving the platform’s functionality (which is vital given the rapid changes in the social media world).

The benefit for you is a fully-supported, commercially-focused social media platform at a lower cost, with reduced delivery times, and a faster speed to market.