Managing your online reputation

Helping you manage your online reputation

It’s great to have people talking about your brand online, but what are they saying about you?

Online reputation management is the process of constantly listening to how your brand is perceived across all types of online media. It's also about managing a response or reaction to whatever is being said about you online. So it's more than just social media monitoring or community management.

We listen to, research and analyse the online conversation and buzz about your brand to help you use it to your advantage.

We go beyond analysing the chat within your own online community and look at news sites, forums and blogs, as well as other sources of user-generated content and social networks.

Knowledge is power, and online reputation management gives you knowledge of what people are saying about you and the power to decide if, and how, to respond. It's also a way of monitoring your customers' activity, helping you work out what they're interested in quickly and efficiently. 

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