4 ways brands and businesses can use LinkedIn

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Last year, Guy Kawasaki,  wrote a guest post for the LinkedIn Blog about how small businesses can use LinkedIn.

In his post, Kawasaki advised companies to be transparent in order to attract both prospective clients and employees.

While the post focuses on small businesses, some of the points he raises can be applied to businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of our own thoughts, as well as some of Kawasaki’s own words of wisdom, on some of the ways that brands and businesses can use LinkedIn.

1.    Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise

Currently 17.8 million LinkedIn users are members of groups and 1.2 million post comments to groups every week.

If employees are demonstrating expertise and providing sound advice within the conversations relevant to their industry, then others will want to find out who they work for, thereby increasing a company’s reputation.

2.    Convince potential customers about your expertise by sharing content

The profile of your company will increase by having a presence in groups on LinkedIn and by sharing knowledge through these groups.

It’s important to think of these people as prospective customers or employees and try to captivate them as much as possible with your content, and then try to convert where possible.

Content can range from adding comments and joining in discussions in relevant groups on LinkedIn, to posting your company’s blog and twitter feeds to your own profile, as well as that of your employees, in order to help people learn more about your brand and business.

If you have resource you could even set up your own group on LinkedIn.

Either way, make sure you only post relevant, timely information that relates to the audience in order to avoid clutter or annoying people with irrelevant content.

3.    Acquire new customers through online recommendations and word of mouth

Nielsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey , which sampled 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 different countries, demonstrates the value of word of mouth, with 90% of respondents trusting recommendations of people they know.

Having a company presence on LinkedIn increases word-of-mouth about your brand.  Plus, getting recommended by a connection on LinkedIn will help to validate your business credentials.

4.    Cut recruitment costs

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase professional qualifications and experience, and as such it can help businesses save money on recruitment. HR and internal recruiters can view information about potential candidates, as well as contact them, without having to use expensive agencies to provide names and contacts. A leading software provider managed to cut its recruitment budget by 50% significantly thanks to using LinkedIn for recruitment purposes.

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