Top 10 social media blog posts from 2011


From the Top 10 viral advertising campaigns, to the Top 10 marketing moments of 2011, the “Top 10 season” is definitely in full swing, so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and look at the Top 10 social media blog posts from 2011 on our blog.

  1. 15 essential articles for online community managers
  2. 23 social media collaboration platforms
  3. Google+: A social networking site or the future of search engine marketing?
  4. Tips from the team behind the UK’s third most engaging Facebook page
  5. How do different age groups interact across the social web?
  6. Coca-Cola cut ad spend by 6.6% and invest more in social media
  7. Why retailer Tesco bought a social media company
  8. The social media landscape in 2011 – an infographic
  9. Forrester report: how companies listen and engage with social media
  10. 6 tips for using social media as a customer service channel

While our top 10 social media blog posts list is based on the most shared blog posts, other favourites from the team include:

  • Why people don’t want to create content for your brand
  • Social media management tools wiki/list
  • Brands need to use social media strategically, not get advice from gurus
  • What are your social media photo rights? Image T&Cs examined
  • Calling all brands: stop counting Facebook “likes” and build deeper engagement instead

As well as the free guides we launched on our blog:

We hope you enjoy re-reading these posts and that they help to remind you of what an interesting year 2011 has been for social media.

Movember wrap up and wax off


Now that Movember is over, several of the faces in the office have brought the “Fresh” back to FreshNetworks. We were thrilled to smash through the £1,000 mark by day 28, thanks to generous donations from our colleagues, friends and family.

FreshNetworks Movember

While this was a great collection for men’s health charities, a couple of our MoBros decided that this was not good enough, and went the extra mile to boost our collection.

Two members of FreshNetworks and one from our sister company FreshMinds commuted into work on December 1st with only half a moustache - that’s commitment to the cause - but they didn’t stop there…

Of course the question is raised, how could one remove half a moustache and raise even more money? Having it waxed off in front of the entire office, perhaps?

I’ll let you decide whether or not you would like to see photos of our Rick and Oli going all out for Movember, but I’d like to thank them for their efforts and endurance, which has drummed up an extra £400 from within the office. This means we anticipate our total to exceed £1,500 which has definitely made it a worthwhile endeavour.

If you would like to donate to these brave (and not so brave) individuals please visit and give as little or as much as you can afford.

You may also want to view some marvellous moustaches in the Men of Movember gallery which are already giving us some grooming ideas for next year…

FreshNetworks #Movember charitable appeal


During the last few weeks some of the FreshNetworks male folk (along with two extra supporters) have been sprouting facial hair in support of the men’s health charity, Movember.

Each year during November, men all over the the UK and around the world cease shaving their top lip with the aim of raising both funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shaven face and then for the rest of the month “Mo Bros” (as they’re known) groom, trim and wax in an attempt to develop a ‘tache to rival these guys:

So far the FreshNetworks Movember team has raised a whopping £862.00. We’re know we can do better and with just 9 days to go we’re hoping to hit the £1,000 mark and beyond.

If you’d like to help us hit our target and donate to this valiant cause visit and give as little or as much as you can afford.

To help you dig deep here are a few fairly amusing pics from some of our Movember team:

Throughout November, Penhaligon’s will also be donating 20% of sales of their shaving products, both online and in their UK boutiques, directly to Movember. Penahaligon’s is an English perfume house, founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon. Established as a purveyor of fine fragrances and luxury gifts.

Why people don’t want to follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook


This morning I presented on the importance of remembering the people involved in social media - who you are engaging and what they want from you. When brands struggle on Facebook or Twitter it is usually because they haven’t thought through what is in it for the people they are engaging. It is easy as a brand to decide how you want to use social media, and what you want people to do. It is less easy, but more important, to consider what the people you are engaging want to do.

I decided to show this through a simple story - that of Mary (a mum) and Jack (who works in marketing for a large FMCG firm). Jack wants to sell a new breakfast cereal to Mary and thinks that social media isn’t the answer. But he has made a big mistake…

The story is simple but it is one many brands can learn from - understand the motivations, needs and interests of the people you are looking to engage. If you don’t they probably won’t want to follow or Like you.

Engaging with people in social media
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Facebook Messenger app: Merging the lines between email and instant messaging


I’ve been making use of Facebook‘s new Messenger app for the past few weeks, and it’s fair to say it’s made a big difference to the way I use Facebook as a whole. In fact, their new service seems to be blurring the lines between email and instant messaging.

The app is still unavailable within the UK iTunes Store, despite working absolutely fine. This is probably as a result of the negative press around Blackberry’s BBM service after the rioting across the UK. I managed to download the app thanks to a US iTunes account I have access to.

When using the full Facebook iPhone app, a notification of a new message would sometimes take hours to arrive. This would deter me from dropping a line to friends through Facebook as I wouldn’t be sure if the message would arrive or not.

Notifications from the Messenger app are now almost instant - blurring the line between an instant messenger and email and making Facebook’s Messages strategy from last last year even more real.

In perhaps a precursor to the changes announced this week to the way Facebook Places works, you can also append your location to a message, so friends can see where you are. I think this more subtle embedding of location alongside messages between friends will be much more useful than a check in.

It’s also really clear that the launch of this app is a strategic move by Facebook to run head-to-head to BBM (and the soon to launch) iMessage network. One of the weaknesses of both of these networks is that they’re closed. You can’t exchange messages between non-Blackberry owning friends, and you won’t be able to send an iMessage to a friend who doesn’t have an iOS device.

Facebook’s Messages strategy sees it looking to merge email and IM into a single location, open to anyone regardless of the mobile platform they use. The Messenger app is a really tangible example of this, and a great alternative to some of the standalone messaging services currently available.