Michelle Obama’s $2.7Bn Influence


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There’s been a great deal of talk this week about influence. It’s been driven (dare I say influcenced) by an article in AdAge by Matt Creamer. He takes a swipe at Justin Beiber (dangerous) and points out that automated social media monitoring tools (or influence trackers) like Klout, need some human analysis and insight to get the most out of them.

Clearly there is more to influence than popularity (see this slidshare about online influencers), but popularity can be a pretty key determinant for some influencers. The Oprah Effect is worthy of note as a case in point.

Anyway, all this chatter reminded me of the Michelle Obama Influence Infographic.  The Harvard Business Review recently published reserach by academic David Yermack. He found that there was a strong correlation between the brands Michelle Obama wore and subsequent stock price increases. The percentage increases are small and there is a causation/correlation debate to be had, but when she’s potentially driving $2.7Bn in value for these brands, it’s worthy of note:

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Top 20 UK marketing blogs (numbers 11-20)


Top 20 UK Social Media BlogsWe’re celebrating over here at FreshNetworks because, according to AdvertisingAge, we’ve just made it into the top 20 UK blogs for media and marketing.

Woo Hoo.

A big thank you and well done to Matt Rhodes who writes the majority of our posts.

Our aim is to provide useful content for organisations interested in using Social Media to engage customers, suppliers and employees. We’re always keen to improve the blog, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know - email, use the comments field or connect to one of our Twitterers: @cosmond, @helentr, @hollyseddon, @peteshannon or @mattrhodes

We thought it might be helpful for us to tell you a bit about each of the top 20, so that you can find the ones of interest.  And at the bottom of this page, there’s a link so that you can subscribe to a feed (or email) that combines the best posts from this list of blogs.

To prevent this post being too long, I am writing it in two parts. Below are blogs ranked 11-20. I will post the Top 10 UK Marketing Blogs tomorrow.

UKs Top Social Media and Marketing blogs

  1. Welcome to Optimism - the corporate blog from the London office of Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency. It’s a broad-ranging mix of advertising thoughts, interesting annecdotes and updates on daily life from this well-respected creative agency.
  2. PR Blogger - Written by Stephen Davies MD of 3W PR, an online PR agency. The blog focuses on public relations and social globalisation. A great read if you ever wonder how traditional PR agencies are going to survive in an online world.
  3. SEOptimise - SEOptimise are a UK search engine marketing agency. The blog, as you might expect, covers lots of SEO topics. Every post is, of course, perfectly optimised (in case you’re interested, each post appears to have around 500-700 words). One of their most popular posts of recent times was 30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks and Resources.
  4. A PR Guy’s Musings - Stuart Bruce is founder of Wolfstar. A seasoned PR veteran, he started advocating online PR and social media much eariler than the rest of his industry. In this post, he kicks off a great debate about PR being a reputation tool, not an SEO tool.
  5. Nick Burcher - Nick Burcher is Head of the VNC UK at Publicis Groupe in London. His blog covers a range of topics related to advertising and the evolution of media. Including very popular compilations of statistics on teh growth of Twitter and Facebook.
  6. HERD - The blog from Mark Earls, author of the excellent Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature. Whilst many bloggers just report on things they have seen, Mark always tries to go deeper on understanding why things are happening.
  7. Crenk - Dedicated to finding and reviewing the best new web and mobile apps. They cover blogger tools and general internet news and analysis.
  8. Spinning Around - The coprorate blog of 77PR, part of the Fishburn Hedges Group. The blog’s full of engaging and often amusing content from around the web. And I just noticed they have a list of the top 100 UK Marketing blogs here
  9. The Engaging Brand - Anna Farmery writes this blog. She has has a good podcast on Leadership and marketing, called The Engaging Brand, and regularly pulls out key thoughts of her podcast interviews in her blog. For example check out 10 How to Wow Tips
  10. FreshNetworks - That’s us. We try to focus on Social Media and branded online communities. We’re nuts about the opportunities for organisations within the social web. And we cover evertying from using online communities for market research & innovation to driving word of mouth by engaging brand advocates.

Get the UKs top marketing blogs in one feed

I have created an RSS feed that combines the best posts from this list of Top 20 UK Marketing Blogs. Here’s the feed. Or subscribe by email.

I’ve used PostRank to pull out only great feeds from a blog. 10-20% of the posts from each blog make it into the great category. So you won’t get snowed under.

Ranking the top UK Marketing blogs

I have used the ranking from AdAge. It’s the best ranking I am aware of. But there is no perfect measure of best blogs - should it be number of subscribers? influence? number of links? quality of content?  Clearly we’re delighted to have made it onto this list, so we think it’s good. But it’s not an exact science.

Are there any blogs you think ought to be on the list that aren’t?