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Jeremiah Owyang’s Corporate Social Strategist

Image via Flickr. Courtesy of Tamboko The Jaguar

Image via Flickr. Courtesy of Tamboko The Jaguar

Jeremiah Owyang is one of our favourite social media strategists. Now working at Altimeter he’s well worth following for cutting edge social media thinking. In a world of chatter and hype, he cuts through. I think it’s because rather than hand-waving generalisations his thinking tends to be based in original research.

Anyway, enough of the effusive praise, here’s a copy of his latest research findings. Having interviewed 140 Social Media Strategists (mostly in the US), it’s a simple summary of what they do and what they need to do, to achieve more for their companies.

The presentation was re-delivered this morning at LeWeb’10 social media conference in Paris. You can see read notes from the talk on Mashable

Keynote: Career Path of Corporate Social Strategist
View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang.

New Facebook profile page

image via shutterstock

Here's looking at you. Image via shutterstock

Facebook have just launched a new redesign for profile pages. OK, they don’t really launch it until tomorrow, but you can get an early look by going to and clicking on the green button in the top right corner. User experience is important in social media and Facebook are clearly hoping that this fairly radical overhaul of the profile area will improve the experience the many millions of Facebook members have.

There are a number of modifications. And they go beyond basic design tweaks. Alongside a general move towards more imagery, key changes in the new facebook profile page include:

  • A new introduction - Facebook have put photos of you front and centre
  • Featured friends - make your most important relationships clear. This one could lead to fights (I seem to remember it being like that back in 2005)
  • Experience sharing - this appears to be an effort to encourage people to share experiences and highlight the most important ones
  • Improved browsing of your social graph - helping you navigate friends of friends and build more connections

You can read more at the Facebook Blog which covers the profile page update. Or watch this short video

UK Internet Statistics

I am a sucker for uplifting videos about UK internet statistics. Particularly if accompanied by a happy jingle and sprinkled with start-up success stories. It’s warming for us little-islanders to occasionally  feel important “we’re on the map!” And here’s a video that delivers just that.

According to the film, produced by The Boston Consulting Group, “In the global internet league table, the UK sits at number six. Ahead of the US, Germany and France”. Nice.

I hope you enjoy it and the cameo from @Acton who is starting to look like a Moshi Monster.

Why StumbleUpon is social media at its best

shinya kimura via StumbleUpon

shinya kimura via StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is social media at its best. A superb way to find great content from the far corners of the web thanks to peer recommendation. An online community that shows me what I might be interested in, and critically what people like me are interested in. It’s a great way of finding new content that is interesting to me.

Questions abound how they can compete against the omnipotent Facebook Like Button, but their updated video discovery channel, launched at the end of October, deserves to survive. You’re presented with videos that peers recommend based on your topics of interest. And this can lead to you discovering new and interesting content you might not have stumbled upon without it.

Try it out and enjoy the ride: StumbleUpon Video

Consumers in brand communities 71% more likely to purchase (Universal McCann)

Universal McCann have just published Wave5 of their Social Media Tracker. It provides a great snapshot of social media usage from around the world. The overall report is useful for brands and social media agencies alike and provides particular insight to people planning multi-national soial media strategies.

Among other things, they asked internet users if and why they join brand communities (see diagram below). And found that those who had joined brand communities were 71% were more likely to make a purchase as a result.

This backs up what we have found with clients in a range of industries and shows the power that online communities can bring to brands.

Why people join brand online communities (McCann)

Why people join brand online communities (McCann)

The report is well worth a read and is Required Reading from FreshNetworks this week. You can find a full version to download here.