Why we’ve created a FreshNetworks Google+ Page (and not a Facebook Page)


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The launch of business and brand pages for Google + has generated a lot of thought here at FreshNetworks this week.

As such, we’ve decided to create our very own FreshNetworks Google+ page. We think Google + will be a good place for us to talk about our business and share our blog  content. This is despite the fact that we’ve never had a Facebook Page (and probably never will).

Why not Facebook?

Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE Facebook brand pages (we run a number of incredibly successful Facebook pages for our clients and advise others on how to make the most of theirs). But when it came to setting up one of our own we just didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do.

Why? Well we always advise our clients to think about what they want to achieve strategically through Facebook, and as other channels like our blog and Twitter are working so well for us we didn’t want to just set up a Facebook page for the sake of it.

We also questioned if our audience really wanted to engage with us on Facebook - the average person who logs into Facebook wants to be engaged and entertained by their family, friends and their favourite brands, and so it just didn’t feel like the right place for us to have a brand presence.

So why a Google+ Page?

We decided that a Google+ page for FreshNetworks was the right move for a number of reasons, the main crux of it being that we think that Google+ is going to have a real impact on search results. Any regular reader of our blog will know that we have lots to say about the world of social media and we want to be heard. Like any B2B business (or B2C for that matter), search is a hugely important way of generating new business leads. Social search is going to become BIG news and we want in.

We also feel that Google+, as it stands at the moment, is a much better social network for B2B marketing. It might sound like a clumsy comparison and we might be proved wrong but right now Google+ feels well placed to fill the middle ground between Facebook and LinkedIn. The people who talk about our industry day in, day out are all on Google+ and the advanced segmentation tools make it perfect for business-focused social networking. That’s why we’re there. We’d love you to come and say hello and visit our Google+ page .


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One Comment

  1. Anthony:

    Hi Alex, interesting piece and certainly thought provoking enough for me to share my views with you.

    Would you say then that rather than FreshNetworks spreading their efforts across both Facebook and Google+ you are consolidating and channelling all your efforts into your G+ activities in part because you feel these are more rewarding to you as a business than say, Facebook?

    If that argument is true, considering you have never gone down the route of having a presence on Facebook, how can you determine something with so much gusto when you have never trialled it?

    I totally get the differences between audiences on G+ compared to Facebook, I would probably go so far as saying that based on the fact you’re an agency, our industry hangs out more on G+ than they do Facebook (theory) and that sharing and engagement rates are therefore much higher (opinion).

    We hear all the time in social media that you should be adopting as many channels as possible to communicate and engage, but what you’re saying here is that you don’t need or feel that the biggest social network in the world is not part of your marketing mix?


    Anthony (@atrollope)