Brand campaigns on Facebook grow by 104%


Digital advertising agency TBG Digital examined 200 billion impressions across 167 clients advertising on Facebook in 21 countries to produce its Q2 2011 Global Facebook Advertising Report.

Here are some of the key findings:

Facebook brand campaign general statistics

  • Brand campaigns on Facebook grew by 104% between Q1 2011 and Q2 2011.
  • There was a 435% improvement in campaign conversion rates when targeting existing fans.

Sector breakdown

  • The Retail got the most Click Through Rates (CTR) and grew to 36% of total impressions in Q2 2011. The growth of the retail sector was fuelled by positive feedback from consumers as expressedby the highest CTR among all sectors.
  • The second fastest growing sector was Finance, driven by credit card campaigns.
  • The numbers of impressions inthe Jobs & Education sector also grew rapidly - however this growth was seen mostly in the USA.

Price Trends

  • The Cost per Thousand Impressions rose by 45% across 4 markets between Q2 2010 and Q2 2011.
  • The Cost per Click rose by 74% across 4 markets between Q2 2010 and Q2 2011.
  • Using ‘Sponsored Stories’ ads in Facebook campaigns decreases Cost per Acquisition by 32%.

UK brand campaign market trends

  • The UK market is slower in adopting brand campaigns than the USA, possibly due to the high emphasis on Return on Investment/Offsite Campaigns (ROI) -  only 3% of impressions were aimed at fan acquisition in Q2 2011.

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