The social media landscape in 2011 - infographic


Social media landscape 2011Working for a social media agency means that I’m often inundated with infographics. Some are insightful, some show great design aesthetics…and some tell me absolutely nothing!

The infographic to the right, by Fred Cavazza, which highlights the social media landscape in 2011, stood out for two reasons (click on the infographic to enlarge it).

Firstly, it has removed Google and Facebook from all categories and placed them as a central focus point. This reflects the continuous evolution of these platforms and their multi-functional capabilities.

Secondly, it’s the first time I’ve seen social gaming highlighted within its own category. Social gaming is becoming an increasingly important area of social engagement, and the current speculations of a Zynga IPO is likely to reinforce this.

One notable exception from this infographic is SCVNGR, which intends to apply a gamified approach to real world activities, and it will be interesting to see where it might be placed in 2012.


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  1. James Ainsworth:

    Nice breakdown of categories in the infographic. I would add that an additional circle for Data driven insight and social media analytics would be welcome as a means of the value that can be derived from all the categories and the centralised focus of Google and Facebook itself.

    James Ainsworth
    Community Manager - Alterian

  2. Samuel Lau:

    Nice infographic, apart from the real absence of twitter from 3 of the sections.
    Easiest, discussuion, location, sharing tool is twitter in terms of frequency of use.

    Secondily the placing of Facebook in the middle with Google.
    What is the reason behind it? Is it beacuse of daily visits or number of searches?
    Until Facebook can effectively search within itself via generic means, which is currently difficult, plus any web searches are provided by Bing which is misleading as it takes you out of the netwok.

    Even so the power and influence of these platforms to create communities is without a doubt unquestionable.

    Look forward to the next one!

  3. VogVoo:

    OK those guys seem to know exactly what the deal is.

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  5. Fred Cavazza:


    Thank you for posting about my infographic. Explanations are here:

    Best regards,


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  8. IntelliSites Web Design:

    Many infographs are well done (like this one!) but as you said, some just don’t convey the overall message. It’s also nice to see a distinction between networking, sharing and publishing; three categories of social media that are often combined into one.

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    Fantastic site, thanks for the posting..

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