Promoting community management

It was a great night at the e-mint / FreshNetworks Community Manager Meet-up in London. A great chance to meet other people many of us have talked to online, and also to attract some new faces.

At FreshNetworks we’re passionate about promoting community management as a role, a function and a profession. One of the things we all know and that was clear last night is that although we may use different names and do slightly different things, there’s a lot we can learn from sharing ideas and perspectives. We’re big on sharing at FreshNetworks and know it would be great to get community managers, strategists, digital marketing people and anybody interested in online communities together regularly to help us all improve, learn (and of course have fun!)

So we’re going to turn these drinks into a regular event - look out for the next one at the start of 2009. If you’re interested in being kept updated on these events then sign-up for e-mint or send me a message.

Also you can follow on the blog how we’re promoting community management.

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  1. Caspar Aremi:

    I’m so sorry I only found out about the event yesterday, and I’d already made plans for the evening! I really hope the next one isn’t too far away as it sounds like a really great opportunity to network with like-minded people.

  2. Matt:

    Hey Caspar,

    Sorry you couldn’t make it last night but don’t worry - we’re going to be organising another event in the new year - we’ll be finalising dates when we’re all back in the office in January so should see you then :-)


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